Atomizing Sterilizer Machine Indoor Smoke Disinfection Kills 99.99%

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Atomizing Sterilizer Machine Indoor Smoke Disinfection
Immediate Kills 99.99% Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Germs
Free: Space Disinfectant 1 liter (Non-Alcohol)

- Appearance color: white
- Power: 900 W
- Weight: 3.7 kg
- Disinfection time: continuous disinfection
- Voltage: 200V
- Smoke output: 2000 cu.ft / min
- Oil tank volume: 100 ml
- Warm-up time: 3 minutes
- Packing size: 37 * 24 * 37cm

- The indoor atomization and anti-bacterial machine (atomization machine) connected to 220V power supply, open the warm-up for 3 minutes, to be the handle button light,said atomization machine can work. 
- Handle operation: press the handle to the button button, atomization machine work;release the handle button, atomization machine to stop working.
- Working principle 
Indoor atomization and antimicrobial (atomization machine) The use of non-steam dry smoke to disinfect the ingredients to the car has a smell of the part. Which play a decomposition of odor, sterilization deodorant effect. And with a scent to purify the air.

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