Osram AirZing Mini Air Purifier Osram’s Car Care Car Air Purifier

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Osram’s AirZing Mini Air Purifier Osram’s Car Care Car Air Purifier

Osram’s Air Zing Mini air purifier, which easily fits on air vents, removes germs from the air inside vehicles to improve air quality for drivers and passengers. With ultraviolet light, the handy device can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. Osram is using its expertise in photonics and ultraviolet light to continue expanding its portfolio. 
Small and quiet – AirZing Mini
- Can kill up to 99%*of all bacteria and certain viruses
- Easy to use with magnetic holder and USB cable
- No need to change filters, as filters can simply be cleaned with clear water
- Quiet operation with only 25 decibels
- Compact and easy to install: The Air Zing Mini from Osram
- Air Flow Rate: 6.5 m³
- Number of LED: 11
- Filter Type: Nickel with Nano Coating TiO2
- Nominal wattage: 2.00 W
- Nominal voltage: 5.0 V
- Power Source: USB Type C
- Length: 80.0 mm
- Width: 80.0 mm
- Height: 50.0 mm

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